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Classy photobooth at Siempre Utah At every wedding, it’s always my goal to capture timeless moments. So when Christian and Kasey reached out wanting a more classy photobooth at Siempre Utah, fitting my studio style, I was totally on board! Photo booths are typically on the flashy side with lots of color and props. But […]

Classy photobooth at Siempre Utah


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Photo of Santa in Utah studio

I may be a little biased but come on, how adorable are these Santa and pup photo sessions?? This just goes to show, Santa session are not just for kids. Every now and then I’ll have a family bring their fur baby to a session and nothing is cuter. I’m happy to do just a […]

Santa and pup photo sessions

Santa session

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Santa Session in Utah Studio This adorable family came in for Santa photos for the third year in a row! So I had to kick off this years Santa session in Utah studio with them. This ties in to what I want to talk about in this post which is, the benefits of booking the […]

Santa Session in Utah Studio

studio session

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Neutral Downtown SLC Studio session I’ll never get tired of all the studio options here in Utah. It’s getting colder and just makes things easier with little kids. My favorite thing about this studio is that it’s pretty neutral. While some photographers crush it when it comes to bright colors, shapes and patterns- I’m a […]

Neutral Downtown SLC Studio session

studio session

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Escape from the Chill One of the most significant advantages of an Indoor Santa Session is the comfort it offers during the winter months. Instead of braving the cold outdoors, families can step into a warm and inviting setting, providing a cozy and stress-free environment for children to meet Santa. As the holiday season approaches, […]

Indoor Santa Session

studio session

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Adorable photo of siblings

Why a sibling photo session? A sibling photo session is a perfect way to capture their special relationships and create lasting memories. In a world that is ever-changing, one thing remains constant is the unbreakable bond shared between siblings. From the shared childhood memories to the lifelong support, siblings play a pivotal role in shaping […]

Sibling Photo Session and the endless benefits

studio session

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Mother and daughter family session on lavender wall

Salt Lake City, Utah is known for its breathtaking landscapes and soda shops like Swig. Nestled between the stunning natural wonders and urban atmosphere, exist hidden gems that are perfect for your family session. Like this amazing lavender wall. Standing tall and vibrant, this captivating wall of lavender offers a picturesque backdrop that adds a […]

Lavender Wall family session

Outdoor family session

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Sister Session in Daybreak I’ve said this before so it probably sound a bit repetitive but because I  am a photographer, I’ve made taking photos of my kids and family a priority. This last fall, I texted my aunts and told them I wanted to do a quick session with them and their mom (my […]

Sister Session in Daybreak

Daybreak, Outdoor family session

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Utah Studio Baby Session If you’re wondering what a session looks like during that in between stage, you came to the right place! Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a session when they’re not newborn little but they’re still too little to sit on their own. That’s when tummy time comes into play. That’s exactly what […]

Utah Studio Baby Session

studio session

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Headshots in Utah Studio

Utah studio headshots As I’ve expanded into more studio work, I’ve been thinking about offering Utah studio headshots. As much as I love working with kids, it’s a nice switch from the silly faces and baby shark. And when it comes to those with professional careers, they’re an absolute must. For this session we opted […]

Utah Studio Headshots

Headshots, Uncategorized

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