June activities in Salt Lake City

Adorable siblings in Utah studio

June activities in Salt Lake City

Since my kids were born, I made it a point to look for summer activities we could do every year. Some are affordable or free, those are my favorite but some do have a small cost depending on the activity. So I thought I’d break down the summer into various months so we’ll start with June activities in Salt lake City!

Riverton Town Days

One of my favorite traditions to do with my kids is to Riverton Town Days. I usually get my kids a wrist band so they can get on rides as many times as they’d like and usually stay late to watch the fireworks. Because it’s so hot, we normally go later in the evening. But they have all sorts of un activities that you can do for free like the parade and movie in the park. They have a detailed schedule of what they’re doing each day on their website which you can find here.

Adorable siblings in Utah studio

Strawberry Days

For those in the Utah County area, you can check out Strawberry Days. What’s great about Strawberry days is that it lasts a bit longer than the others. This one goes from June 15th to June 23rd. They will have concerts, a car show, even a pie eating contest! They will have a carnival as well from Wednesday, June 19 – Saturday, June 22. They’ll have a Rodeo as well, you can find tickets here.



If you’re look to escape the heat with a little more of an adult element but still family friendly, definitely check out the Big Cottonwood Canyon Brew Fest on June 15th. Admission is free but for $15 you can get a Big Cottonwood Brew Fest mug and three drink tickets, $2 for additional tickets.

Zoo Brew

Looking for something more geared towards adult, I got you. Zoo Brew is always a fun experience and better with friends! Have some drinks and enjoy hanging out with the animals. The fun part is getting to see the animals later in the day and you can avoid the crowds you typically run into when you go earlier in the day. Click here to see all the dates available.

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