Kid friendly Valentine’s Day activities in Utah

Kid friendly Valentine’s Day activities in Utah

For some reason, I’m one of those moms that loves to torture herself by taking my kids to activities thinking they’ll have “fun”. We’ve all been there right? So, with Valentines right around the corner, here are some Kid friendly Valentine’s Day activities in Utah.

Dipped Haus

Per their website, “Utah’s first chocolate covered strawberry bar and workshop that allows you to create your own dessert.” Dipped Hous is located in Sandy, Utah and is the perfect date night with the kiddos! They have a workshop options just for kids for $17. It includes 6 berries, chocolate, sprinkles, glitter, drizzle, and crumble. Best part? It lasts 15-25 minutes! When it comes to kids, we all know that getting them out of the house is the goal and the activity itself can’t be too long. 

Ice Castles

If you’re looking for an outdoor activity that’s unique and available for a short time each winter, definitely check out the Ice Castles in Midway! The founder, Brent Christensen, first created these icy creations as a way of keeping his kids occupied during the colder months. He moved to Utah from California and these ice castles were just the cure to his kids “cabin fever”. Eventually, more and more kids started to also enjoy these cold creations and has continued growing ever since. Funactivities on Instagram actually has a discount code! You can enter UTFun24 for a little discount on your tickets.

Valentines day lights in Lehi

This idea comes from UtahsAdventureFamily on Instagram. Valentines day lights in Lehi is a free activity you can take your kids to and can even be walked! I’m all for getting my steps in and getting my cute kiddos to spend time outside. Make some hot chocolate and enjoy these festive lights. You can find these at 250 E 700 S, Lehi.


Free building Workshop at Lowe’s & Home Depot

Looking for a more affordable option? I got you. These are available all year long which is great especially this time of year. When we don’t know if we’re going to have rain or snow. Home Depot offers classes the first Saturday of each month and you can register at the store. Not all stores offer these classes so you’ll want to check on that. You can find registration information here.

Lowe’s will typically do classes the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of each month. When you go to the website, you’ll want to set your store to one near you to get classes near you. You can find more information here.


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