Headshots in Draper Studio

Black and white headshots

One of the things I’ve been wanting to improve on, is taking black and white headshots. I don’t know what it is about them but I love everything about them. Again, one of the many things that has changed the last few years. You couldn’t get me to do black and white photos 5 years ago. When I started, I was all about color and avoided doing anything black and white. And now I get giddy when I do headshots in the studio so I can play with black and white images. Love how these headshots in Draper studio turned out!

Gorgeous headshots in Utah studio by Salt Lake City family photographer

Getting comfortable in front of the camera

Vania was in Salt Lake City visiting. I’d been wanting to practice with someone that was a little bit more comfortable in the camera, she was happy to volunteer and boy did she deliver! When you try to learn a new technique, it takes a lot of practice. When I first started, I always practiced with my kids. As they’ve gotten older, they’re not as interested in modeling for me, little stinkers. So practicing on her was a huge win for me to explore this new love for black and white.

Gorgeous headshots in Utah studio by Salt Lake City family photographer

Simple always

I’ll say it now and I’ll continue saying it, nothing is better to me than a simple set up. A simple backdrop. I know there are so many amazing photographers that nail the fun backdrops and the awesome props, I’m just not one of them. All it took was a light set up, a gray backdrop and boom! We have these perfect headshots in my Draper studio.

Are you looking to do your own headshots? I’d love to chat! You can email me at hello@stephanielorrainephotography.com or you can click here to fill out my contact form. Excited to hear from you!

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