Popular Spring locations in Utah

Popular spring locations in Utah- Cherry blossoms

Switching gears, I want to start talking about spring sessions! While it’s still very much winter and snowing some days, I’m starting to feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. During this time of year, I start to get excite knowing we’re going to have gorgeous trees and color! So I wanted to talk about some of my favorite and what I think are popular spring locations in Utah.

Cherry Blossoms at the Utah State Capitol

The first one, has to be the Cherry Blossoms at the Utah State Capitol. The capitol is surrounded by a walking trail and and cherry blossoms, making for a gorgeous location for photos. You’ll find all sorts of photo sessions happening as soon as they bloom. Because of this, it gets BUSY. So I usually prefer going in the morning. Still busy but not as busy as the evening. one thing I want to mention, is that even though this is a spring location, it’s still pretty dang cold. So make sure you pack some blankets to use in between photos.

Photos of an adorable family at the cherry blossoms at Utah State Capitol

Lavender Wall in West Jordan

I found this location fairly recently and love it. I like that it’s in West Jordan so relatively close for me compared to other locations. Most of the locations I go to are usually in the canyons or downtown Salt Lake. So most locations take a 30+ drive so having a location 15 minutes away is great! Perfect for little kids


Portrait photo at a lavender wall in West Jordan

Manning Orchard, Fruit Heights Utah

Manning Orchard is located in Fruit Heights, Utah which is about 25 minutes north of downtown Salt Lake and it’s absolutely stunning. My favorite thing about this location is that it’s so versatile. You have gorgeous white blossoms on white side and beautiful pink blossoms on the other side. There is a small fee to photograph here but totally worth it for such a unique and beautiful backdrop for your photos.


Gorgeous family at the Manning Orchard



I hope this post  with popular spring locations in Utah was helpful! Have questions or ready to book? Let’s connect! Click here to contact me.

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