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Why you should jump in your child’s session

In the realm of parenthood, moments cherished and memories frozen in time often revolve around the growth and milestones of our children. From their first steps to their candid laughter, each passing moment is a precious frame in the larger portrait of our lives. In todays blog, I’m going to go over why you should jump in your child’s session.

In between these cherished snapshots, the idea of joining a child portrait session might be stressful, particularly for moms. We tend to worry about our appearance, outfit choices, or makeup. Trust me, even as a photographer, I’ve been there. I tell my clients all the time, I take photos with my kids every year. That doesn’t mean I enjoy them.

Last year I planned my own family session in 48 hours. We wore the clothes in our closets and let my photographer choose the location. I didn’t want to stress about it by worrying about our outfits or how my make up looked. I just wanted to capture my relationship with my kids.

Being present in your childs session

Moms, your presence during a child’s portrait session is not just a testament to your commitment but a chance to create lasting memories. How many times have you asked someone to take a photo of you and your kids, just to look at the photos and be disappointed?

Done is better than perfect

These session are not meant to perfectly coordinated or flawless makeup, but to capture genuine emotions and connections. At the very least, get some nice photos of you and your kids. Your child will remember the laughter you shared, the joyous moments captured, and the warmth of your presence far more than the intricacies of your appearance.

Your child’s perception of beauty extends beyond physicality; it encompasses the love, care, and nurturing you offer daily. If you want to dress up, definitely go for it! Just know you don’t have to. Your presence in a casual outfit, with natural hair, and minimal makeup, matters more to your child than any crafted appearance could.

Just you being there in these moments serves as a powerful reminder to embrace imperfections and celebrate authenticity. By showcasing that love and beauty transcend external appearances, you impart invaluable lessons of self-acceptance and confidence to your child. That’s why you should jump in your child’s portrait session.

Time flies

There’s that saying, “the days are long but the years are short.” As a mom, I know we all feel that. When you look up, your baby that was days old is walking and talking. Or even more, they’re going to collage or getting married! (insert crying emoji here)

So, moms, let go your worries about your outfit, hair, or makeup, and embrace the opportunity to create lasting memories with your child. Your presence, filled with love and authenticity, is the true essence that embellishes these portraits with timeless beauty.

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