Classy photobooth at Siempre Utah

Classy photobooth at Siempre Utah

At every wedding, it’s always my goal to capture timeless moments. So when Christian and Kasey reached out wanting a more classy photobooth at Siempre Utah, fitting my studio style, I was totally on board! Photo booths are typically on the flashy side with lots of color and props. But there’s an undeniable charm and allure to a classic booth that elevates the experience beyond the ordinary.


Great for guests with classy photobooth at Siempre Utah

This set up provided a classic vibe that adapted seamlessly to Christian and Kaseys wedding. I think it’s also so great for the guests to have the option of getting more formal photos at the wedding. Why not take advantage since they’re all dressed up right? They also shared that they preferred photos to be edited in black and white which turned out fabulous.

Black and white photo of the bridesmaids at Siempre Utah


This set is also incredibly user-friendly nature. All I used was a large white backdrop, the backdrop stand and one light. I’m the type of person that really likes to keep things simple. It was easy to set up and easy to take down. I came in early to get it set up before guests arrived and was able to leave discretely while everyone was dancing the night away.

In the realm of wedding photo booths, this classic booth really is such a timelessness addition to any wedding. Looking do this set up for your wedding? Let’s chat! Click here to send me a message. Check out Siempre Utah for your next wedding venue, it’s stunning.


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