Neutral Downtown SLC Studio session

Neutral Downtown SLC Studio session

I’ll never get tired of all the studio options here in Utah. It’s getting colder and just makes things easier with little kids. My favorite thing about this studio is that it’s pretty neutral. While some photographers crush it when it comes to bright colors, shapes and patterns- I’m a neutral girl at heart. This family absolutely crushed their outfits for their neutral downtown SLC studio session. In this blog I’m going to talk a little bit about why I choose more neutral studios. I’m sure you see that as a pattern with me so I wanted to give a little bit of the why.


To me, neutral studios provide a clean slate that can adapt to any type of session. Which means you can print and have these photos on your walls all year long. With a blank slate, you can really make the space into whatever you want need for your family. I’m also the type of person that gets overwhelmed easily. If my clients are the same in that aspect, this helps eliminate that stress. And it makes picking out outfits 10 times easier!


Neutral colors like white, gray, or beige tend to have a timeless and classic appeal. They don’t go out of style as quickly as trendy like some bold colors. Not to say that going bold isn’t great, because it is! Just not within my realm of expertise.

Minimal Distractions

Neutral studios can help reduce distractions and keep the focus on the subject. Vibrant colors can sometimes overpower with outfits and create a busy look. Whereas neutral tones provide a more calming and aesthetic look.

With every family session, I do my best to focus on the kids and get individual photos of them. That can look different for each family but I always try to get portraits of them.

Personal Taste

While this is my preference, there are so many advantages to colorful studios. They can convey energy, creativity, and a unique atmosphere. Check out Amber Lynne Photo, she does color SO WELL.

The choice ultimately depends on what you want for your particular session. Either way, your photos will come out great!

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