My photography journey as a family photographer in Utah

Funny story, my journey started when I wanted to be a posed Utah newborn photographer

I was thinking the other day, how wild life is with all it’s twists and turns. I wanted to share a little bit about my photography journey because it fells so evolving. When I first started doing photography, I wanted to be a newborn photographer. Well, I learned real quick that newborn photograph is HARD I also tried photographing families and it didn’t feel like my jam.

Child portrait in a Draper studio

I fell in LOVE with weddings

I then ended up in weddings by pure accident and fell in love with it. Loved everything about it- engagements, working with different vendors, venues and alll the details. That being said, doing weddings eventually became too much being a single mom. You can’t exactly plan weddings about your mom weekends.

Full circle back to families

I then shifted back to families and eventually fell in love with studio work. Getting a studio in Draper has been a GAME CHANGER and I’ve loved making it my own. Having my own space not only gives me more flexibility with my mom schedule but with clients as well. I’m able to be to have more available dates for sessions and even make adjustments or book last minute clients. And it doesn’t hurt that regardless of the weather and time of the day, I can still keep my sessions.

Isn’t life so interesting? You just never know where it’s going to take you but I’m here for the ride!

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