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How to prep for Santa photos

These poor kiddos fell asleep on the way over to their session. We all know how fun that is, wondering whether they’ll wake up happy or grumpy. This brother and sis Santa session was no exception! Ava came in all sleepy while her brother came in hyper and jumping all over the place. Isn’t it crazy to see how different siblings can be?

I know getting ready for any photo session can be a little stressful. So I wanted to go over some tips that will hopefully make your Santa session as smooth as possible.

What to expect when you book a Santa

Because these sessions are scheduled back to back, you’ll want to be ready for a fast paced session. This is why coming on time is super important. If you arrive early, you’re welcome to come in the studio or wait in your car for your time slot. I’d suggest waiting in your car to help, so we can capture that early excitement with your kid.

How to prepare for your session

This ties back to make sure you’re on time. I always recommend not dressing your kids in their photo outfits in case there’s an accident or it gets dirty. If you’re there a little early, you’ll have time to change them into their outfits without feeling super rushed.

What if my child cries?

That’s totally okay! What’s good about these sessions is that they are super short. We have just enough time to get some great photos but we wont be pushing your child to be uncomfortable.

How soon will I get my photos?

Your digitals will be ready for you to pick, in about 7 days. After you’ve picked your favorites (or upgrade to get the entire gallery), you’ll get the digitals in 2 weeks. Any products you order, are delivered about 3 weeks after the order is placed.

I am so excited to see your littles, can’t wait! If you have questions feel free to email me and I’ll be happy to help!

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