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Bride and groom in front of Meridian temple in Idaho
Every now and then, you meet people in your life without truly knowing the impact they’ll have in your life. I met Maci a few years at my first weekend workshop hosted by Kylee. Little did I know these ladies that I’d spend a few days with, would be long term friends. So excited to show you this this Meridian Idaho Temple Exit.
Bride and groom in front of Meridian temple in Idaho
I’ve been wanting to do an out of state wedding for a while now but just like everything else, it didn’t get all of my focus because my to-do list is a mile long. Until I got an email from Cortnee asking me if I was free to do her sisters wedding in Idaho. Something had happened with their original photographer and her friend Maci, recommend me. My answer? HECK YES!
I immediately contacted Maci to thank her for recommending me. Word of mouth is so incredibly important but another photographer recommending you? The biggest compliment I could ever receive.
To make it that much better, their family was so amazing and I was able to stay with their aunt Julie who was so AWESOME and truly made me feels so welcome. The day of the wedding was a bit hectic so Julie was kind enough to take me back to the temple the next day before I left and I’m so glad she did! The temple was empty and I got the most beautiful photos.

Meridian Idaho Temple

The Meridian Idaho Temple is fairly new and I believe opened in 2017. It is absolutely STUNNING and I feel so honored to have captured Brooklyn and Eli’s exit surrounded by friends and family.
All of Brooklyn’s friends came from all over world from New York to her sister traveling all the way from Japan! After meeting Brooklyn and how perfect her and Elijah are together, I can see why so many friends and family traveled to see them getting married.
Beautiful bride and bridesmaids at Meridian Temple in Idaho

Beautiful photo of the Meridian Temple in Idaho

Can’t wait to show you how beautiful their ceremony and receptions turned out. Stay tuned!

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