April 2019 Mini Sessions

This year I wanted to do something different when it came to my mini sessions. So I held minis in an all white studio that has some fun moveable walls in Sandy, Utah. Normally, a majority of the studios I like to use are located in Downtown Salt Lake City but this one was perfect because it’s right off the freeway and closer to me 🙂 

The weather lately has been so nutty and unpredictable that I wanted something a little bit more predictable. The studio was the perfect solution! I also wanted to do something more affordable for families that just wanted a few photos since I get that request so often.

First up was Laura and her hubby. She’s so funny, when I posted the information about about my spring mini sessions she asked “can puppies come, he’s like my puppy.” My response? Of course! 

Meet Allie and her cute kiddos! I’ve known her for a few years and have seen Marley grow up and I swear each kid comes out cuter than the one before! I loved seeing this mama take pictures with her kiddos. As moms, we never take enough pictures with our family <3

Next up was Amber and her adorable kids. This made me so happy! I loved seeing mommas take advantage of these minis to get updated photos with their kiddos. 

This family holds a special place in my heart. I’ve known them for YEARS and they’ve been there for me through some hard times. I couldn’t ask for better friends and felt so lucky to take their photos. 

Hosanna was my last family and her girls were so fun! Her little blonde miss had so much spunk it made the session such a blast. I love seeing the personality of all the littles I get to meet <3

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