Donut Falls Senior Session

Senior session at Donut Falls

Donut Falls Senior Session

It’s Wyatt’s senior year! When his mom reached out to me, she expressed that he’d recently done a portrait session with a photographer but they weren’t exactly what they were expecting. The photographer was awesome but is used to photographing nature so they wanted to do another session that captured his personality more. She mentioned wanting snow so of course my mind went “Donut falls senior session”!

High school senior at donut falls for senior session

Picking the location

We started by going over the session like we always do, with details like time and date. She mentioned she wanted some snow because he’s an outdoors guys and loves snowboarding. Wyatt and his dad are the type to wake up extremely early to hit the slopes early before it gets busy. We’re talking 5 am, wild right? I had mentioned a couple of locations but since they live in Sandy, we went with Big Cottonwood Canyon. This location is beautiful pretty much all year long. It’s amazing how much it can change in a few weeks.

Senior sessions can be so fun! I’m so used to working with littles. I can make the silly sounds and faces to get more candid moments. Working with older kids is great because it pushes me out of my comfort zone and really challenges me as a photographer. I get to come up with different ideas and they handle direction so much better than a little 2 year old. Hands in pockets are a must. Plus, with how cold it was, really helped keep those hands warm!

Wyatt has the most adorable smile but he was so shy to show it off. Lucky, I was able to get a few smiles out of him and mom was beyond thrilled.

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