Utah Studio Headshots

Headshots in Utah Studio

Utah studio headshots

As I’ve expanded into more studio work, I’ve been thinking about offering Utah studio headshots. As much as I love working with kids, it’s a nice switch from the silly faces and baby shark. And when it comes to those with professional careers, they’re an absolute must. For this session we opted for the gray backdrop which is always looks great. I’m so excited to offer additional colors as I do more sessions. 



Headshots in Utah studio

Utah Studio Headshots SLC Photographer

Picking an outfit

Just like any other session, when picking an outfit, you want to pick something you’re comfortable in. Especially with headshots, confidence is very important. Now is not the time to try something new. Sometimes with a photo session, we want to experiment and go for “different.” I would highly recommend going against that urge. You’ll thank me later. For an outfit idea, I recommend adding a blazer like Andrea did. It can really elevate your look, Zara has some great options! You can pair with anything in your closet like a skirt or dress pants.

Why book a session for headshots

Whether you have a traditional 9-5 job or you are your own boss, you need a professional headshot photo. A photo you can use across your website and social media platforms. Your clients want to see who they are hiring. Think of it as their first impression of you. You want to get off on the right foot, and nothing screams professional headshot.

Headshots in Utah studio by SLC photographer

Variety of headshot poses

Because these sessions are typically on the shorter side, we’ll focus on a different poses so you have lots of options. We’ll do different set ups like sitting and standing so we can find options for you that you’re comfortable in. This is the time to channel your inner SEO vibes!

Thinking about getting your headshots done? Have a different color or look in mind? Let’s brainstorm! Click here and let’s chat!

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