Baby photo session in Utah studio

Baby portrait session in Utah studio

Over the years, I’ve really struggled finding my photography style. For years, I wanted to learn lighting and offer studio portraits. We live in a beautiful state but when the weather changes, it gets cold real fast.

Adorable babe in Utah studio by Salt Lake City Family Photographer

I finally decided to invest in some education the last couple of years and have fallen in love with studio sessions. And finally found a look I love.

I keep it simple

When I searched for studio work for what I wanted to offer, the options were endless. While I love the different backdrops and props, I knew that wasn’t something I wanted to do. I stumbled on this all white, simple look and I was hooked!

To me if feels classic and timeless. My goal is to always capture your childs personality and ideally get some smiles along the way.

Adorable babe in Utah studio by Salt Lake City Family Photographer

Studio allows me to remain flexible

Because I don’t have to work around lighting and weather, I can be extremely flexible with my clients. I can shoot anytime of day regardless of how much light there is. I can work around the weather, work schedules, nap time. You name it! I got you covered. Interested in doing a family session? Check out this blog post for an idea of what that looks like.

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