Great Saltair Family pictures

Great Saltair Family Pictures

Alyssa reached out to me about do their family photos because her brothers, who live outside of Utah, were going to be in town in October. She explained that they have never really done family photos and she wanted to take advantage of her family being together and surprise her dad with a family session. We started talking location options and settled on Great Saltair for family pictures.

Of course I was all for it!

Choosing the location

When it came to where we wanted to do the photos, we settled on Great Saltair because it was easy to walk to and personally I love the variety you get there. Between the flat area, the building and greenery- there’s a ton of variety.

Sibling photos

Obviously, when she told me her siblings don’t normally live here, I had to make sure we got a sibling photo. When I do family session- I have specific groupings and photos I want to make sure we get. I couldnt’ be happier with how this sibling photo turned out.

You can’t go wrong with mountains

Did I tell you I love the variety of options at Great Saltair?? As you can see, you can walk for a few minutes and go from a gorgeous greenery to a Salt Flats look with our gorgeous in the back.

What I love about this part of Saltair, is the clean look. It’s a gorgeous neutral pallet that would look beautiful on your wall or desk.

This location is beautiful year round and I’d love to take your family photos there! It’s also great for more than family sessions. I did a gown portrait session here a couple years ago and it was amazing. You can see it here.

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