Sibling session in Utah

Sibling session in Utah

When this mama came in, she told me she didn’t have any photos of her kids together and smiling. So naturally, I made that my goal through the session. To give his mama great photos of her kids together. When it comes to little kids, it can be hard to get their focus but that doesn’t mean getting photos you want is impossible.

Studio session in studio by Salt Lake City Family Photographer, Stephanie Lorraine PHotography

Communicate with your photographer

When booking your session with your photographer, it’s key that you communicate what you’re wanting from the session. It’s hard for us to give you a session you love, if we don’t know what you’re expecting or your vision. For the most part, my moms come in with no expectations since we never know how our kids are going to feel during their session. That being said, I’d still recommend letting your photographer know what you want from the session.

Remember, it’s kind of a weird experience!

Your kids meeting me for the first time and it’s kind of a jarring experience. Especially if we’re doing it in the studio. There’s this crazy lady in front of them with a camera and lights flashing telling weird jokes and making weird noises, it’s kind of weird! Try to remember this is a new experience for your kids and a weird one at that. Give your kid grace and some understanding should they not be on their absolute best behavior.

It’s okay to bribe them! Just make sure to keep their ages in mind

Bribing is a great way to get your kids to cooperate. However, you need to factor in their age. Babies up to year typically do pretty good during their photos unless they’re typically scared of strangers. Between 1 and 2, they are becoming mobile so staying still gets harder and bribing won’t work. You just have to be ready to move a lot to keep up with the wiggly worm.

Here is where the fun comes in, 2 to 3 year olds. These CAN be hard ages. They are more independent, can walk pretty wall, are very vocal and don’t like being told what to do. Bribes? Yeah, no. They’ll just want the candy without earning it haha

One of my favorite ages, three! Around three they can talk with you and understand the bribing concept a bit better. They love a good fart noise and are super expressive. From there we get more serious but the tend to listen a bit better.

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