Studio vs Indoor session in Utah

Studio vs Indoor session in Utah

What makes family sessions in Utah unique, is that we are blessed with gorgeous locations and amazing studios. Because the weather can be a bit unpredictable, I’ve been working hard on nailing down my studio work. The last couple of years, being consistent has become incredibly important to me.

Outdoor has stunning locations, Big Cottonwood is a popular one

You can get stunning photo in any one of our canyons. Big Cottonwood Canyon is probably one of the most popular locations and for good reason. It’s a stunning location all year round. During the fall it basically becomes a zoo because the colors there are just stunning.

Benefits of a studio session

One of the many benefits of a studio session, is that you don’t have worry about the weather. While we are blessed with stunning locations here, we’re also blessed with having all the seasons. The downside is, depending on the month or type of season- it could be clear skies one minute then freezing cold the next. So having a studio as back up comes in very handy!

Consistency with each session

Something else I love about the studio, is that it’s a great session for milestone or to update your kids photos because the look is always consistent.

I’ve started taking photos of my kids every year and love seeing how they change year to year.

Flexibility with scheduling

“Darn it, that’s my childs bedtime. My kids have a game that day. It looks pretty dark outside, should we reschedule?”

Has this happened to you? As a Utah family photographer, these comments are super common. It’s not spring or fall in Utah if you haven’t had to reschedule your sessions at least once because of the reason I covered above.

Rain, snow or shine- we never have to worry about them when we work in studio. Need a later or earlier time to accommodate nap time? Done. You need something later in the evening because of work or prior commitments? Done! Because I work with lights, I can work at any time during the day regardless of how much light we have outside.

Studio sessions offer so much flexibility, it’s amazing.

Now, this is not to steer you away from doing an outdoor session. Just wanted to explain what the benefits of each are. Have questions or want to book your session? Let’s chat!

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