Why I like doing lifestyle newborn photography

Why I like doing lifestyle newborn photography

When I first started photography, I wanted to be a newborn photographer. I mean, who doesn’t want to hang out with cute little babies?

That was, until I realized that newborn photography is not easy!

When it comes to newborn photography, not only does it require a lot of equipment and props, but it also requires proper training. It takes a lot of skill to not only pose them but to keep them calm and asleep.

Safety is incredibly important

While it looks adorable and fun, it’s incredibly important to be safe when working with these tiny humans. As much as I love photography, newborns weren’t something I was prepared to take on. I then specialized in wedding photography, but that’s another story.

The style I do is considered lifestyle newborn photography

As time went on, my business has changed and I’ve fallen back in love with newborn photography but in a different way. When you book with me, we take a lifestyle approach which means it will not be the photos where the babies bum is up in the air posed like a frog. I like to capture your babe in natural, relaxed poses. I also like to capture you in the photos- holding your baby, lying in bed with them, even feeding them if you’d like! Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, I’d love to capture all of that.

The more the merrier!

While we’re planning the session, I always encourage dad to get in the photos and siblings. They’re only this little for so long so let’s capture these moments in all the ways.

Come prepared!

Be ready to take plenty of feeding and changing breaks during our session. We want your babe to be happy and comfortable so you’ll have plenty of time to feed when they need it. You’ll also want to bring a change of clothes; blow outs are quite common with little ones.

Ready to book or have questions? Feel free to send me a message here, I’d love to answer your questions! 

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