Utah State Capitol family session by Utah photographer

Utah State Capitol family session

I’ve known Jenifer from an early age. I think we met when I was 8? 10? Who knows. If you know me, you know I tend to forget pretty much everything. Anyway, we’ve know each other for a long time. Anytime a family member, a friend or anyone I know asks me to take their photos- it seems to hit differently. 

It feels like the biggest compliment that they believe and trust in me enough to capture a special moment. I  think it also has to do with the fact that they’ve seen my growth as a photographer over the years. Especially Jen. When I first got started in photography, her son Max was actually one of the first little kiddo I  photographed! If you go back far enough, I bet you can find the session somewhere.  

Every spring, the blossoms at our Utah State Capitol are a hot spot and for good reason. They’re absolutely beautiful and such a unique place. Until most Utah locations, these come up once a year and for short period for a time. They typically last a couple of weeks or less if we get a cold storm which, we usually do. 

Another really cool thing about this session? She invited her mom, who is my godmother and her grandma! I’m a firm believer in getting your family photos done every year. If you can add extended family members, grandparents etc- even better! 

Take a peak at their cute fam.

Photos done at Utah State Capitol in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah to take advantage of the gorgeous blossoms. 

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