My top 3 favorite location in Salt Lake City, Utah

With fall sessions gearing up, I though I would share a few of my favorite locations. They are usually good almost any time of year and when I’m struggling on locations, these are mo go tos. 

Potato Hill in Draper, Utah. I love this location because it’s easy to get to and parking is not crazy far away. When the sun is out, you can find awesome shade. As as the sun starts to go down, you get the most beautiful golden hour light. 

When springs comes around, the colors are gorgeous. Mainly because after winter, it’s so nice to see some color again. It’s full of beautiful greens, flowers with gorgeous color. 

It’s just as perfect in the fall. Even though the greenery has died, it’s the perfect color pallet fall. Even better, you could wear pretty much anything and it would look so great! 

The Great Saltair, Utah

Not to be confused with the Salt Flats (which are incredible) but it has the similar look with the added bonus of some water. It’s about a 30-45 min drive from Salt Lake which beats the 2 hour drive to the Salt Flats. Gorgeous mountains in the back, water and the the most beautiful sunsets. You might get eaten alive with some bugs but usually, it’s totally worth it! 

Hope these were helpful in giving you some ideas for locations in Salt Lake, Utah!

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