Amazon prime day!

Hi guys! I figured with Prime Day starting today, I’d share some of the eyes I’m either looking at or am getting this year. Hope this helps!

64 gb card-

I don’t normally get my cards from Amazon, usually go to Target and Best Buy but if you buy them on online, there’s on sale for $17!

True comfort book-

I’m making a point to try and cook more and have been eyeing this book since she started talking about it. It’s on sale for $17.52 so I’ll probably get it today!

Blender bottles! Like, who DOENS’T need blender bottles lol I feel like I can never have too many

Blender bottle-

20 oz blender bottle-

It’s beany season! I love these and I’m getting a couple for the boys! The temps are dropping so we’ll definitely need them and I l love how simple they are.

Carhartt beanie –

This luggage set is AWESOME and they’re cheaper than even Costco! They’re super sturdy and fit A TON.

Samsonite luggage- cheaper than Costco!-

I’ve been using these cubes when I travel and they’re AWESOME! It just helps me know where everything is and it helps me separate the clean clothes from what needs to be washed at the end of my trip.

Traveling packing cubes-

Now, on to my FAVORITE one. This instant pot is on sale for $50!! This is a steal! I have an off brand one that Im going to give away because every single time I want to try a recipe, it’s for the instant pot specifically and I can never convert it over. I’m so excited for this one!

Instant pot-

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