Aiden turns 4! Daybreak, Utah session

I’ve been wanting to take pictures like this for the LONGEST time. I love the simplicity of it and how it’s all about my little dude. I’ve been trying my best to get photos of the boys every year but obviously it’s hard to plan sessions all the time plus our yearly family photos. 

So, I took it upon myself to do these and I must say- not bad! I set these up in my home and can’t wait to offer this to my potential clients. If you’re looking to do something simple and you’re in the South Jordan area, let’s get creative! 

It’s no big secret that these 2 boys have MY ENTIRE HEART. They’re the reason I work as hard as I do and the reason I am constantly working getting better and doing better. They fight like cats and dogs but boy do they love each other. There is nothing more beautiful than sibling love. That relationship where you can hurt your sibling but no one else can. Liam is probably Aiden’s favorite person in the entire world and I just love it. Even if Liam doesn’t! 


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