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As a Utah photographer it’s important for me to know all the
popular locations for photography in Utah.  From Salt Lake County to Utah County, you’ll find a few options in this article to determine the look you’d like for your own photos. I’ll show examples of the Utah Capitol,The Great Saltair and the Highland Gardens Nursery.

I like exploring locations because it gives my clients variety for their sessions and it encourages me to learn more about our beautiful state. Living in Utah and
being a photographer, makes for tricky situations because our weather can be so
nutty sometimes! That being said, we all have our favorite locations that we
can count on every year. One of those being the blossoms at the Utah Capitol
located in Downtown Utah.

Especially this year, after what felt like a crazy
long winter, we were all anxiously want for them to bloom and have some color
again! They can be a little tricky; not only lighting wise but it’s a gorgeous
place which can make it a tad bit busy sometimes. But always well worth the wait.  

Another location that always seems to get lost in our minds
is the The Great Saltair located in Tooele. The reason why this spot is so awesome,
is because it has quite a bit of variety. You can get building shots, there’s
grass and then the beach look. Now, the only downside is that smell! Haha. But
if you can get past that, it will make for some gorgeous images. Just be sure
to take lots of bug spray. And depending on when you go, there may be some bugs
so watch out for those! 

Last we’ll talk about greenhouses! Have I mentioned that this
last winter was INCREDIBLY long? When winter arrives, the fresh snow is
exciting and you can’t wait to take all the cute snow pictures. Then you take
them and remember how freezing cold it gets, your camera batteries last like 2
seconds and your screaming for spring to arrive. So, what do you do when you
want spring but you’re not quite there yet? You go to a greenhouse! You can
find a greenhouse almost anywhere usually the fee is pretty affordable. 

I hope you guys enjoy this fun post on locations throughout
Utah. if you’re needing more ideas, do not fret, there’s more to come

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