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As a mom, it’s really easy for us to get sidetracked with
the day to day duties. For some of us, it’s a combination of; go to work, make
dinner, care for the kiddos, spend time with hubby, study for school. On and on
the list goes. Freezing memories with our babies falls into that category. They
have photos with their siblings, grandparents, dad, family members but what
about mom? When our kiddos get older, will they photos of their mom giving them
baths? Dressing them for school or backing cookies? Probably not. 

That’s why making time for family sessions is so incredibly
important! When I hosted a giveaway for one session, I was overjoyed at the
family that won. We met up at The Great Salt Lake in Utah and she told me they
hadn’t had pictures taken since their little peanut was born. Now, I’m not
saying you HAVE to get pictures taken every month because that’s just not realistic.
But little ones grow so dang fast. Any time you can afford a session with those
you love, because you saved up or saw that a photographer is offering mini
sessions, try to jump on it!  It’s kind
of like the gym, you’ll never regret going. But you will regret NOT going.
Plus, can you ever really have too many pictures of your little ones? This little lady was in such a great mood! I couldn’t have
asked for a better baby especially so close to bedtime.

All day I was happy it was a little cloudy so we could do
the session a little earlier. Most kiddos go to sleep early and I try to keep
those things in mind. Of course we got to the session and it’s full on sun and
temperature was higher than I expected. The great thing about our location is
we stayed in shade until it the light was more to our liking so it wasn’t so
hot and the sun in everyone’s face.  Anytime
you’re dealing with a full sun situation, look for shade if possible.

Towards the end we walked around a little the and sun hid
behind the clouds at the perfect time providing the BEST light! It was the
absolute best ending to our family session. 

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