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Lately, the creative juices have been flowing and I finally got to do something that it’s been on my mind for what feels like FOREVER. I’ve always wondered, would I be able to create images I LOVED in not so ideal location? There are obviously the locations we all love. In Utah, it’s Big Cottonwood Canyon, Tibble Fork or the Great Sale Lake. But what if it wasn’t one of these gorgeous locations? Would the pictures be just as good? Keep reading to find out 🙂

I started talking to Forever By Ash, who is a makeup artist about working together. We live close to each other, which is so awesome because most make-up artists live at list 25 min away from. So were bouncing some ideas off of each other and I happened to have a bouquet that weekend from Blooms and Branches, who is an AMAZING florist. And so, a session idea came alive! She reached out to her sister Shellssey, who has the sweetest personally and Shelley’s friend Allie. Ash did their make up and we drove to those locations I’ve had my eyes on for weeks.

By shooting closer and changing your angles, your putting focus on your subject. The background becomes less important. What’s even better is a subject that works her own angles and knows different ways to pose. Throughout the past few years I’ve learned to focus less on getting what I think is the “perfect” shot. They don’t always have to looking at me straight on, it’s okay if I don’t have their entire body in the photo. It was hard for me to be okay with that but it helps you get more creative. 

They wore different outfits and the bouquet added the best
color the all of the images, I couldn’t be more pleased. For one of our
locations, we stopped on the side of the road in Daybreak, Utah where I drive
almost daily to get these pictures with Allie. To my surprise, I LOVE how they
turned out! You may drive by a location that you think may not be as good as one of the “popular” location, try it out anyway! Get out of our comfort zone and try something different. Put it together with a gorgeous model, bomb outfit and
killer make up- and see what you get! 

You wouldn’t even know that there were cars driving past every few minutes and the not so cute sewer in the back. Get low, get close, point your camera down at your subject or up from the ground. Try all the things! You’d be surprised how fun it is. Stay tuned for more photos with these gorgeous girls <3

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