Collaboration with Botanical Eden

One of my favorite things to do as a photographer, is plan styled shoots. Working with Utah vendors like florists, bakers or gown vendors in a gorgeous venue like the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple is so fun! 

It’s extremely stressful planning your own but incredibly rewarding. When you plan it yourself, you get to do it exactly how you want and it feels AMAZING to see it come together. But because it’s so stressful, it’s fun to go to other shoots that are already planned. My favorite things about attending those is you get to meet other photographers you probably wouldn’t meet planning one for yourself.

This is when this beautiful session comes in. Jennifer with Botanical Eden reached out to let me know she was putting a session together. A little back story, this was the year my son was born. Emotionally, I was doing good but I was having my low moments. I was so happy for this shoot and for the distractions but at the same time, a bit anxious to to do the styled shoots. Emotions and postpartum sure are funny huh?
When she was telling me the details, I knew it would be gorgeous. She blew this OUT OF THE PARK! When I showed up to the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, I was BLOWN AWAY because it turned out absolutely beautiful. I’d never been here and was so incredibly grateful for the opportunity because it was an absolutely stunning location. 

Faith was an absolutely beautiful bride for our shoot that day with an adorable personality. Boda Bridal has the most gorgeous collection of dress that you really can’t go wrong. 

I mean, how gorgeous is she? The colors Jennifer chose pop out so much!

Funy story about this session, I forgot my memory card so I stopped at a store on the way to the session, not quite sure why, but one of the cards was faulty but luckily I purchased 2 and one of them worked! Then I get there and the battery on my camera is LOW!! I was at the session for maybe 30 minutes before my camera died and my hear literally hurt because I wasn’t able to capture as much as I wanted to. That day I bought extra cameras online because I learned my lesson. I always charge my batteries but I was so off those days I wanted to prevent this from happening in the future. Moral of the story, there’s always something to learn in every situation 🙂 
Florals by Botannical Eden-
Cake by Sweet Cravings –

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