Why I prefer indoor sessions as a photographer in Utah

No more messy hair or accidental tripping and dirty outfits!

While I do offer outdoor session, indoor sessions definitely have my heart. At least for now, I have certain outdoor locations that I LOVE going to so I always make time for those. With indoor sessions, we don’t have to worry about the lighting changing or the outdoor elements. When it comes to kids, this is a game changer. No more dirt around the knees or scuffed up knees, working in a studio takes care of all of that. These are just a few reasons why I prefer indoor sessions.

Session in all white studio in Draper, Utah. adorable sibling session photographed by Stephanie Lorraine Photography.

No more runny noses or red Rudolph noses in the winter!

Winter can be so beautiful and magical but it can also be so dang cold. When you have little ones, you worry about them getting too cool, having a runny or nose and red cheeks.

We can do our session anytime! Our session doesn’t revolve around the sun or weather

Not only can we plan around nap times and work schedules but we can do our session any time that works for you. We can also do our session regardless of what the weather is like. Spring in Utah is beautiful but also incredibly unpredictable. It could be sunny one day and snowing the next. We don’t need to worry about any of that.

No time limit

When you do a session outside- you need to take into account lighting. Typically, when you set the time, you have time frame to work in. If it’s in the evening, you have until sunset. You can keep taking photos but lighting will be different and the temperature will change. When we do our session in the studio, we can take as long as needed. If we need to take multiple breaks for the little ones, we totally can!

Access to a restroom!

This one may sound silly but ever try to plan a session while you are potty training a toddler? It’s stressful! This is when having a studio comes in handy, access to a restroom.

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