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I’ve loved doing sessions at tree lots for
several years now! However, I always seemed to put them on the back burner so I
always miss out on doing them. This year I decided to change that! I wanted to
make sure I set time aside to do more than I normally do and I did!

I’ve been photographing this adorable family for a few years now and I have to say that as a photographer, nothing feels better than having repeat clients. It’s the biggest compliment! It’s been so fun to see Avery grow the last few years and I feel so lucky to be part of her life. Also, I have to give Brian a huge shout out. He is always so great and always down to do anything fund during the session, that’s an awesome hubby and dad right there <3

This year I was lucky enough to find several tree lots that allowed photographers. I was so bummed that one of my favorite tree lots no longer allows professional photography but was so glad when I found one that would! Schmidt’s Christmas Tree Lot was so dang cute with the cutest red tractor out front and they did not disappoint! It’s located in West Jordan which was beyond perfect for me because it’s close to where I live.

Where I live, it takes me about 45 minutes to get to all the great scenery locations so when I get a fun location nearby, I’m all about it! It was quite chilly this day but as always, this family did so great and were such troopers. I was so glad to see that they dressed warm for the occasion 🙂

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