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Weddings often have an unlimited amount of moving pieces. From the venue, to flowers, cake, dress, tux, photographer and so much more. Now with Pinterest out there it can make things even more overwhelming. You have access to so many ideas to make your wedding day special and if you’re not careful, it quickly becomes overwhelming.

I have been doing photography for over 3 years now and the last couple years I have focused on weddings making them my specialty. While I still have room for improvement, I wanted to touch on the little things I feel are important to truly enjoy your day and make the best of it. I was excited when Light was interested in hearing my wedding photography tips and encouraging to write this post! Don’t forget to check them out their camera and the exciting things they have in store!

1. Go unplugged-

You’ve hired an amazing photographer and videographer to capture your special day so let them work their magic and remind your guests to have fun! I can tell you from experience nothing is worse than trying to work around iPhones and iPads while trying to capture the gorgeous bride walking down the aisle. Or missing a dip or first kiss because someone’s uncle wanted to get a picture for Facebook.

                                                        West Jordan, Utah
2. Do your research and ask questions. When booking your vendors make sure to research and really look at the work they do. This will ensure you know what to expect. When I got married my photographer said there wold be two photographers. This to me sounded awesome! An extra person meant my day was going to for sure be captured without a hiccup. WRONG. He failed to mention that it was a MAYBE not included. I wont get into the details but it’s important to not have any questions the day of so make sure to ask exactly what is included with your package. If you want to add anything, make sure to discuss it prior to the big day. We all want your day to be amazing and stress free!
              Salt Lake Temple-Sale Lake City, Utah
It is AMAZING what florist can do now a days with flowers and the add SO MUCH to your wedding. You could do something simple or something extravagant that just takes your breath away. Whatever you choose, make sure to include space in your budget for amazing florals! Most vendors have preferred vendor lists so always ask if your venue or photographer has someone they love working with. In most cases you can get amazing prices with referrals! This gorgeous bouquet was created by the amazing Peaches and Peonies. Their work is AMAZING.  
                                   The Brick Room- Provo, Utah
3. Formals/First look! My last little bit of advise is to do a first look! I know the traditional thing to do is to wait for the big day. While this is great I can tell you that having a moment for just you two can be truly magical. You are not dealing with the pressures of the wedding day, managing the typical family drama, dealing with the unpredictable weather or light and getting caught up in the day that you forget to take photos of just the two of you. 
If you don’t feel comfortable doing a formal ahead of time, I suggest setting time aside the day off before the ceremony starts. Meet at the venue or at location away from the venue, the guests and family to have an hour of alone time before the crazy day begins. Trust me you will be happy you made some time for it! 
                                               Salt Lake Temple-Sale Lake City, Utah


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