Liam turns 2 | UTAH PHOTOGRAPHER |

This little boy, has me wrapped around ALL of his fingers 
and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
There really is no way to explain how your life changes
when you bring a child into this world. 

Time has flown by and I cant believe he is already 2. 
He is the DEFINITION of boy. He loves to run, 
play with dirt, cars and pretty much anything wheels 
all while standing on his tippy toes on a stack of 
concrete steps pretty much giving me a heart attack. 
He can go through so many emotions in a short period of time. 
My brother calls him sour patch because he can be so 
sour and within seconds be so sweet! 
A picture of both of my dudes. ♥  
Oh yeah and there’s me. 
And I leave you with one of 
my all time favorite of looks. His “you cant see
me if I cover my face look.” 
Happy birthday sweet boy. 
May we be blessed with many more 
wonderful birthdays, tantrums, giggles and endless happiness.

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