Labor Day Weekend

So this weekend I decided to take some time to spend with the family. The last few weeks have been difficult and busy so we need to recharge. It was also crazy busy so I had to readjust my shooting schedule which made taking a break a bit easier. September is going to be NUTS, so taking the time of with family was absolutely necessary. 
Saturday we went downtown to take photos of my soon to be two year old. I still cannot believe how fast he grew. I mean, how does that happen? I feel like just yesterday we were at the hospital at Intermountain Healthcare hospital in Riverton, Utah looking at our 6 pounds, 3 ounce little miracle. 
But here we are 2 years later with our little peanut that is moving, running and playing 24/7. Its true, time really does fly. I leave with a little sneak peak of our 2 year olds session and our time in Downtown Salt Lake City. 

And Happy Labor Day to all of my readers. Hope you are enjoying your day surrounded by friends and loved ones. 
♥// s.lorraine

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