Black and White Child Portraits

Black and White Child Portraits

I tell the story often about how I got started in photography. I initially wanted to be a newborn photographer and offer those cute poses and adorable bum poses. Well, I learned early on that I was not cut out for that. I became a wedding a photographer by pure accident. My friend was getting married, I was hesitant but I did it and fell in love weddings. As much as I love weddings, it just doesn’t fit my single mom lifestyle anymore. I knew I had to make a shift. I knew I wanted to offer studio portraits and just fell in love with black and white child portraits.

black and white child portraits by utah family photographer

Learning to use lighting equipment

Because I was a natural light photographer, I was TERRIFIED of lighting. I learned to use lighting to work with weddings for receptions but that’s as fas as my knowledge went.

When I realized I needed to step away from weddings, I knew I need to make some changes. There were three main things I wanted- schedule flexibility, consistency and simple.

That’s when lighting came in! Learning to use light has allowed me to provide more consistent work and have more control with my schedule. As a single mom, I need to be able to decide when I schedule sessions so it’s not affecting my time with my kids.

black and white child portraits by utah family photographer

Why I love child portraits

I feel like these child portraits are so beautiful and SIMPLE. There’s no background to distract you from them and their adorable personalities. As my business changed, I knew I wanted to keep it simple and nothing say simple like a colored backdrop.

These sessions are typically pretty short and it’s really the kids that dictate how long the session. Luckily, I can do a lot with 10-15 minutes!

For 2 years I struggled putting together and bringing to life the look I had in my mind. I knew I wanted the black and white, simple look. I’ve been so lucky to work under another photographer and she really helped me put everything together. I couldn’t be more grateful.

black and white child portraits by utah family photographer

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