Why I offer products

Why I offer products

I want to give a little back story on what type of products are offered in a session. In 2018, I bought the condo I live in now with my 2 boys. After my divorce, I promised myself that I would find a permanent home for us.

Having a consistent home and a place for my boys to call their own, has always been a dream of mine and I was so proud to make it ours. Around that time, I started taking the time to print photos of my kids and I. I realized that I had all these photos from our sessions that we did every year but, we never looked at them. I’d post them on Facebook and Instagram and wouldn’t see them again until I’d get my memory reminder from social media. That’s when I decided to start offer products to my clients. Now that it’s included, I take the stress of ordering prints off your hands!

Little Sahara Sand Dunes. Beautiful photos of mom and her sons photographed by Stephanie Lorraine Photography.

Kids grow so dang fast, it’s fun to see their changes

I’ve made it a goal to take our photos every year and I can remember each session when I see the pictures. One year in particular both boys were asleep when we got to the session. You can definitely tell in the photos and they’re some of my favorites! They can look so dang cute when they’re grumpy.

You took time to get ready and plan this session, enjoy it!

So much planning goes into doing a session of any kind, you should display them in your home and enjoy them every single day!

Best part about booking with me, I take care of everything!

We’ll have an ordering appointment where you pick your absolute favorite images. I order them, package them and even deliver them to you! No need to worry about taking the time to do, let me take that off your shoulders. You can see some examples of my products by clicking here.

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