Mommy and Me Photos

Mommy and Me photos in Utah studio

Okay, are we dyyyying with this adorable photo of Sarah’s kids? I mean, nothing is cuter than a big brother who loves his sister. Right? When it comes to sibling photos, we never really know how it’s going to go. They could get along super well like these two, or be your typical sibling pair and want nothing to do with each other. We planned on doing mommy and me photos and was so happy to capture this sweet moment.

Sibling photo in all white Utah studio

Capture sibling photos

It might be the photographer in me but seeing how kids are during a session is kind of the fun part about my job. These kids keep me on my toes! I know as parents, it’s so hard because we have this vision in our minds of what we want our photos to look like. But our kids? They seem to always be on the opposite page. My biggest piece of advice, have little expectations and hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I try to remind parents that photo sessions can be a bit strange. Especially when the kids don’t know me. They’re in a space they’ve never been in and have this lady telling them where to look and making jokes (sometimes not so funny) and even weird noises! So it’s important to remember we need to be understanding if they’re feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Mom and me photos with kids in Utah studio

When Sarah booked her session, we talked about her being in a few photos and I’m so glad she did! Not only is she a gorgeous mama but look at all that love she’s getting. These are moments I dream of catching and hope mom treasures forever.

I know it can be stressful to be in photos. Not only do you need to get the kids ready but also yourself. Make sure they don’t get dirty, do your hair, make up and pick an outfit you’re comfortable in. That being said, I genuinely believe that , 10, 20, 30 years from now- you’ll be so glad you have these photos.

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