Sibling session in Draper studio

Sibling session in Draper studio

As parents, we always want to see our kids get along. At least, that’s how I feel. I hate seeing them fight. I think that’s why I love this sibling session in Draper studio so much. Funny thing is, growing up, I was constantly picking on my brother. My aunt (aka my best friend growing up) and I would constantly gang up on him. If we weren’t teasing him, we would make games and have “no boys allowed rules.”

Sibling session in Draper studio by Utah family photographer

Capture photos now to remember forever

Lately, I’ve noticed how important it is to remember what it was like for us growing up. I have the tendency to over analyze and stress. About my kids getting picked on, hurt, not having friends- the list goes on and on. I so badly want to protect my kids, that forget I probably went through the exact same thing when I was their age.

I want to capture your child’s genuine personality

These little ladies were so sweet and I loved capturing them together having a sweet sibling moment. As I do more portrait sessions with kids, my main focus is capturing their personality. Capturing their genuine smiles and moments that will help parents remember them at this age. This can be hard to do because their attention span is so short, luckily I’ve gotten really good at working quick!

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