Herriman Senior session by Utah photographer

Herriman Senior session

As my life changes, my business continues to evolve and change to match my current lifestyle. As much as a I love weddings, I’ve decided to step back from doing them as a main photographer. Being a single mom, working full time and having my kids getting older- my goal is to spend more time with them. They’re also doing sports now and my GOODNESS that is time consuming! Haha

Stepping away from weddings

I still assist work weddings and love them because they are so fun but mainly as an associate or second shooter. Meaning, I am not the main person in charge. This year I’ve had the opportunity of second shooting some gorgeous weddings all and absolutely loved working with those photographers. So while, I’ll still share them on my stories, you may not see any future blog posts or posts on my other platforms.

Bring on the seniors!

With that shift comes new work and one of those, is working with seniors! I’ve always wanted to be a senior photographer and have started to focus more on that this year.  Michelle is my second senior this year and she was an absolute doll. I wanted to try a new location in Herriman and even though the weather was a little chilly and there was a chance of rain, she was totally up for it! 

Being a senior photographer has always been fun for me. It’s refreshing talking to these wonderful humans reminds you of what it was like to be in high school and for me personally, gets me to reflect on how much I’ve accomplished since graduating high school. 

Because I live in South Jordan, I’ve always wanted to find a location near me that I can offer clients that live nearby. I found this spot in Herriman and it’s absolutely amazing. Has wide open spaces with gorgeous hill views, I can’t wait to take a family there! 

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