Cheyenne & Kelly, Alaska Bride- Spring City, Utah

I heard about Cheyenne and Kelly through Facebook, I read that their wedding was coming up in a few weeks (yes, a few WEEKS) and that their original photography felled through. I immediately reached out to see if we were a good fit. Turns out, we were 🙂

Not only were they getting married soon but they were also planning their wedding while being out of state in Alaska! After a few emails back and forth, we talked on the phone to make sure we didn’t miss anything and asked each other all the remaining questions. I was quickly booked to photograph their special day.

They got married in this adorable little Air BnB out in Spring City, Utah. A little fun fact about me, I sometimes read or hear things wrong. So when it was all booked, I was under the impression it was in Springville, which is about 45 minutes from where I live. WRONG. The wedding was to be in held in Spring City, Utah which is almost 2 hours away! I wasn’t surprised because I swear I do this al the time. Thank goodness I doubled checked the times and dates the day of the wedding or I would have been so late. Phew!

Look how excited he is! These parts are always my favorites. When it comes to reactions, every groom is different. I loved seeing how excited Kyle was to see Cheyenne walk down the aisle.

And they’re married! Such an adorable ceremony and I’m so grateful I was able to capture such a beautiful and intimate ceremony. To have friends fly from all over, truly shows how great their relationship is. I’ll be posting their reception along with Cheyenne’s bridals soon so keep an eye out! We had just enough time to take pics of her and her bridesmaids and it was so worth it.

Check out Cheyenne’s bridals here!

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