Cheyenne’s bridals & bridesmaids; Spring City, Utah | Utah Wedding Photographer

I remember Cheyenne was getting ready, had her dress on and there
was a little bit of chaos with all the bridesmaids getting ready. Her makeup
was done, she looked AMAZING but she was dealing with the usual bride stuff
about the wedding. I can’t remember exactly how it came up but I asked her if
she got her bridals done in Alaska and she looked at me with a confused look on
her face. What are bridals?

WHAT. You don’t know what bridals are? When you go and get all dolled up and get gorgeous pictures of you in your dress?! Nope. She had no idea. So of course, I took charge, grabbed her bridesmaids and we went across the street where there was just all this space and fallen leaves from fall.
As the bride, you’re worrying about so many things, making sure that it’s exactly what you pictured. Don’t be afraid to let your photographer take charge. We’re not only photographer we can also be your coordinator and take charge to make sure that things run smoothly. We have the ability of getting people to pay attention AND, we have no problem being the “bad” guy when people aren’t listening. Our priority is YOU; and making sure your wedding is stress free and we capture all the moments in between.

Can you believe we almost didn’t take pictures of her in this gorgeous skirt and top? She looked amazing on her special day and I felt really that I got to capture these moments for her. I mean, do you see that fur coat? I would not be a photographer if I didn’t get pictures of this gorgeous bride. Her bridesmaids were so supportive and fun seeing them come together for Cheyenne’s special day.
Of course, I had to get some close ups of her flowers because, hi. It’s me and I love flowers haha

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