Sarah & Parker Salt Lake City, Temple Wedding |UTAH WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER|

When it comes to your wedding day, there are so many little
details that matter. One little thing can add so much stress to an already
important day. Sarah’s sister Mackenzie left me a voicemail in a panic looking
for a photographer for her sister wedding.

Unfortunately, their photography had an injury, which would
require surgery and was no longer able to photograph the wedding.

I felt for
them because while Mackenzie lives here in Utah, her parents were literally
driving in from Canada when she contacted me looking for a photographer. I
called her back immediately and luckily I had the day available to photograph wedding.

Sarah and Parker met in Albania while serving their missions
and both speak Albanian! I love meeting couples that serve missions in incredible
countries and speak different languages.

During our time at the temple I told them I thought it was
absolutely incredible that they met on their mission in a different country and
both ended up going to school in Utah. Sarah is originally from Canada but
studying to be a marriage counselor at BYU and Parker a pitcher for BYU. I mean
really, what are the chances and what an amazing love story?

The Salt Lake City temple of course was gorgeous and full of
happy couples getting married and like any other day in Utah during spring, it
was surprisingly warm the day of their wedding and the day after? Raining and
cold! Go figure. Lucky for us, we got the warmer day and didn’t have freezing
cold family members. 

They finished the day wit their reception at Castle Park Weddings and Events Center in Lindon, Utah. Congratulations  to Sarah and Parker!!






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