Peaches and Lemons, Provo Orchard |UTAH PHOTOGRAPHER|

As a creative, your mind is constantly racing, thinking and
finding new ways to bring to life something amazing. As a photographer, I have
been able to block out things in my life and literally breath again through my
Breath. This is what this session helped me do. It literally
helped bring life and joy back into my life. Not only did I get to work with 2
amazing couples but I got to work with other photographers and creative that
love creating work just as much as I do. In this field its easy to get caught
up in getting ahead but being part of a community is so much more rewarding.

Building up others should be promoted and encouraged. Yes we
are in a competition to survive and grow our business but it’s not something we
have to do alone.  We can ask for help we
can share tips and we can help someone grow without fear that it will prevent
us from getting “more work.” When I decided to take on photography it was a bit
tough to get help but they’re out there. There are people that want to help you
grow and be successful. So here I love you with the gorgeous Peach and Lemon

Decor and Designer- Havenwood Weddings
Hair & Make Up- Jenleighbeauty & Starlee Jo


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