Weekend of workshops, meeting new people and living the dream

I had the most AMAZING
weekend! Along with it being my baby’s 2nd birthday, I got to attend the KyleeAnn Workshop and it couldn’t have been better!

As much as I love
photography, it was a little hard for me to know I wasn’t going to spend the
day with my baby on his birthday. Being a mom is hard, we put ourselves through
guilt trips when it is completely unnecessary. My son had no clue it was his
birthday and that I was missing it but of course, it still hurt me to be away
from him.
Now on to the good stuff! 

We photographed this adorable couple at the 
cutest greenhouse, Freckle Farm.

Next was this cute little family and their little boy named Liam who is also 2. Sound familiar? 
He reminded me so much of my little guy. A ball of energy and loved cars! 


We finised the day working with this gorgeous couple that made the session a total breeze. 
Kylee found
the best spot for us to do their session and light was just perfect. Oh and
this gorgeous girl,
is Kailey Rae  from Kailey Rae Photography!

I have been following her work for some time now and to say I was excited to meet her would be an understatement. 🙂 

I cant wait to show you more from this weekend! 

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